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Well-formed, symmetrically positioned ears are regarded in all cultures as a sign of aesthetically-pleasing, harmonious facial features. Any deviation in shape or form is, therefore, readily recognized. Deformities of the earlobe are particularly obvious since the earlobes are adorned with jewelry. Congenital ear deformities of all types are relatively rare, occurring one in 15,000 live births.   

The most common causes of earlobe tearing are: (whether the tear is partial or complete in separating the earlobe) wearing too heavy an earring, children pulling on an earring, sleeping with earrings on, pulling of earrings while brushing hair, long earrings getting caught in sweaters, scarves or hats, and wearing multiple earrings. In our American culture, this has historically been a problem associated with females. Now, it has also become a problem in males with the advent of men piercing their earlobes.

Many of us can relate to the diffuse symptoms of the wintertime cold including sore throat, nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, fevers, runny nose, headache and watery eyes. Our hands are the main culprits for spreading the virus. Therefore, if you have a cold and blow your nose, cough or sneeze, wash your hands before touching anyone or anything else.

Other means by which a cold (virus) will spread include:

  • Inhaling droplets or particles of respiratory secretions that linger in the air
  • The spread of viruses is most likely during the 2nd to 4th day of the infections when the level of the virus in nasal secretions is highest
  • Unfortunately, the common cold virus can survive up to 3 hours outside the body.

In order to prevent the spread of a cold:

Do you have a lingering cough that won't go away? Cough is a common symptom of spring allergies such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever).  In fact, cough is the most common respiratory symptom for which patients seek medical attention.

Spring allergies are triggered by substances called allergens. Allergens are often common, usually harmless substances such as pollen, mold spores, animal dander, dust, foods, in select venoms and medications.

Dr. Schwartz at E.N.T. Voice & Sinus Center of Nevada will help determine and eliminate the causes of allergy symptoms. Treatment may include medical therapy to alleviate allergy symptoms, allergy tests to determine causes, and allergy immune therapy.

A cough is the way that the body protects itself from these allergens. It helps by removing mucus, fluids, and infections from the airways. Coughing does not always mean there is a problem, however coughing at night after going to sleep is almost always abnormal and needs medical attention.

Causes of cough
In children, cough is divided into acute cough (usually lasting one to two weeks) and chronic cough (lasting greater than four weeks). 

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